Do you want to heal your relationship with food and your body for good?



This is for you if you:

  • Don’t want to start another diet, AGAIN
  • Want to look at a menu, think “that sounds good”, and order it
  • Want to keep delicious baked goods in your house and forget they are there
  • Want to eat freely and enjoy being present with your company
  • Want to understand and trust your body

A 12 week group coaching journey so that you can feel confident and in control around food.

Join now and get...

✔️ Weekly group coaching calls via zoom (replay available)

✔️ Weekly lessons

✔️ Recipe for Confidence workbook

✔️ Meal structure + planning resources

✔️ Body image and exercise support

✔️ A community of likeminded people on the same journey as you

✔️ Lifetime access to the resources

Recipe for Confidence is a proven framework that ...

✨ Teaches you how you can feel confident stopping when you are full

✨ Teaches you how to eat in tune with your hunger and fullness

✨ Helps you feel in control around all foods (yes, even the cookies you can't just take two of)

✨ Helps you refocus your mind so that your girls night out is full of deep belly laughter

What is food freedom?

  • Food takes up a small part of your day and life
  • You enjoy eating broccolini and as much as eating cookies 
  • You don’t feel guilty after eating ice cream
  • You can miss a workout to join your friends for spontaneous dinner plans
  • You cook yourself a frozen pizza even if no one else wants any

Are you ready to feel freedom?

Recipe for Confidence is a proven step-by-step framework to food freedom which means you can have more time, energy, and money to live your life.

Save Your Spot

You Have Questions, We Have Answers...

I get it, your time is valuable.

That is exactly why you should consider enrolling in Recipe for Confidence. Recipe for Confidence teaches you specific tools so that you  can free up MORE of your time and metal space.

Each week you will participate in 1 hour long zoom calls (that contain the lesson and time for coaching).

The total time commitment PER WEEK is about 1.5 hours (1 hour per week call/lesson + 30 minutes of “homework”)

Putting in time to do the homework and action steps is a game changer. You get to APPLY what you learn in the real world so that you can truly get the most out of your journey. Students who take action and apply what they learn see the most transformation (I can’t wait for you to be one of them!)

As a Recipe for Confidence student you receive a weekly group coaching calls so that you can feel supported every step of the way.

Zoom group coaching calls take place weekly for 12 weeks and are approximately 1 hour long.

The weekly zoom calls take place on Wednesday evenings (5:30pm PDT, 7:30pm CDT, 8:30pm EDT).

We get it, things come up! The lessons will be recorded and shared in the portal so that you can watch the replay if you can’t make it live.

You will receive tools and resources weekly to implement in your everyday life. This is where the magic and transformation happens ✨ It is work, but it should not take more than 30-60 mins per week.

If you have tried to improve your relationship with food on your own it can be tough. Recipe for Confidence give you a clear road map so that you can feel confident that you are moving in the right direction.

You will also receive weekly coaching calls and unlimited access to email support so that you can have clarity and support every step of the way.

You might not feel like your challenges are severe enough because a lot of the things you are doing are normalized by our culture. Your challenges don’t ever have to be severe enough to get support.

This program takes a weight neutral and HAES (health at every size) approach to nutrition. If weight loss is your main priority, and you are wanting to lose weight no matter how it happens or how you feel – this might not be the right program for you.

If you are willing to go all in, on improving your relationship with food so that you can feel at peace in your body, in control around all foods, and improve your mental health – this may be the program for you.

I can’t guarantee what will happen to your weight – it may or may not change – but you can improve how you feel, your relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

I get it, life is busy. That is the very reason you should consider enrolling now! Recipe for Confidence walks teaches you specific tools and skills so that you can have MORE time. A client from the past cohort shared that she didn’t realize how much time she spent thinking and worrying about food. Having the tools to confidently make food decisions allowed her to save time and get more things checked off her to-do list. Having more time sounds pretty nice, right?

This program includes 12 coaching calls so that you can have support and accountability over time. The total cost is $1,110. Payment plan options are available upon request.

This is a group coaching program led by a registered dietitian. Please check with your insurance provider to find out your coverage.

"But what if it doesn't work for me?"

I get it, I also want to make sure something is going to work for me. That is the very reason why I offer a complimentary discovery call, so that we can ensure that it truly is the best fit for you. If it is not, I am happy to share resources and supports that would be best for you.

No Student Left Behind Policy

Recipe for Confidence comes with a “no student left behind policy” so that you can feel confident that you will see meaningful changes. 

If you feel like you aren’t getting it or maybe it’s not really clicking after putting in all of the work for 12 weeks, I do everything in my power to help you get it.

The only thing you have to do is attend all the lessons and calls live, show proof that you have completed all the work, and let me know before lesson 8 that things aren’t clicking.

I'm Ready to Start