ENJOY food and feel good in your shorts without counting macros

Have you ever:

  • tried counting macros,  only to find that it took the joy out of eating
  • Had food take up all your time, mental space, and creativity
  • Tried to be present and enjoy food, but had the judgmental voice in the back of your head telling you “that’s too many carbs…”
  • Sat sweating in jeans at the pool while the rest of your family plays in the water

If you’ve tried counting macros and you’re over it, and you think “there must be a better way”….

I have great news for you!

There is a way that you can bring the JOY back to eating, feel EXCITED to jump into your shorts, AND ENJOY your iced coffee (with 2% milk) by the pool.


  • Have more mental space and creativity to move the needle in your business
  • Enjoy eating other people’s cooking without worrying about what is in it
  • Feel at peace saying yes to spontaneous ice cream with your kids 
  • Jump into your bathing suit and into the pool this summer

Join Us For Fed Girl Summer!

Day 1 – Make food FUN again – let your inner foodie shine

Day 2 – JUMP into your bathing suit – and into the action 

Day 3 – Feel GOOD about your food choices – without tracking anything