This 1 thing might be causing your sweet tooth…

Let’s break it down, a sweet tooth is defined as:

a liking for foods that are sweet – or –  a weakness for sweets

If you identify as having a sweet tooth you’re not alone – most of my clients would describe themselves the same way. 

In fact my client Angie said she tried to not keep baked goods (like cookies) in the house. Because she said:

“If its in the house, I’ll eat it all!”

Angie LOVED sweets and wanted to enjoy them. When she ate whole boxes of Oreos she didn’t even taste them and would feel guilty afterwards. She wanted to eat less sugar, and enjoy the sugar that she eats.

Now if you’re anything like Angie, you probably feel like it’ll always be this way – that you don’t think it’s possible to NOT eat the whole box of Chips Ahoy in one sitting.

What if I told you that there isn’t something wrong with you because you ate the whole box- that it’s not a flaw in your character.What if there were a way that you could enjoy the sweets every now and them when you want them? That you could feel in control?

The Oxford Dictionary says that control is: 

the power to restrain something, especially one’s own emotions or actions a means of limiting or regulating something.

I’m here to tell you that there is a way that you can self-regulate your sweet tooth and it has nothing to do with: 

  • Telling your husband to “take this bag away from me”

  • Portioning them into small bowls

  • Eating dates filled with peanut butter instead

And that eating all the remains of your birthday cake or finding chocolate irresistible is the inevitable RESULT of your mindset. 

Just like when you throw a ball into the air you KNOW it’s going to come back down – even though you can’t see them, there are invisible forces (like gravity) that lead to a specific behaviour (like the ball coming down). 

Your mindset around food works the same way. The way you think and feel about food directly impacts your actions has a predictable outcome (like eating the whole box of cookies). 

It has to do with your mindset and relationship with food. 

Working with a dietitian helps you understand your eating behaviours so that you can get to the ROOT of what is going on. When you get to the root you can keep the Chips Ahoy in the house, enjoy a couple, and then forget they are there. 

After just 3 sessions, Angie had Oreos in the house and was not eating them in one sitting anymore. She said it felt good to have the cookies she had at home last longer. She was surprised how neutral she felt towards sweets. She said that before her sweet tooth was insatiable, and now she ate an almond cookie and said “yeah, I’m good” and forgot about the rest of the bag. 

Curious how you can become someone who is nonchalant about sweets?

To save time and see if I can help you with this, book a complimentary 20 minute discovery call!

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