The FREE Masterclass

Have you ever thought:

  • “I can’t keep Sour Mike and Ikes in the house. If they’re around they are CALLING my name from the kitchen.”
  • “I just have to eat all the Oreos so that I stop thinking about them”
  • “Why did I do that” when you’re laying in bed after eating too many old cookies that you didn’t even like” 

So you swear you’re going to start fresh tomorrow and that you’ll never eat “junk food” again.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. 

And if you’re tired of swinging back and forth between eating healthy and bingeing and you think “maybe there’s something wrong with me”…

I have great news for you!

There’s nothing wrong with you AND

There is a way that you can feel in control around the Sour Mike and Ikes without swearing off of them forever.


  • Have more mental space and creativity to move the needle in your business
  • Enjoy eating Sour Mike and Ikes, feeling totally in control
  • Wake up feeling energized to take on your day
  • Feel at peace saying yes to spontaneous ice cream with your kids

Join Us For The Masterclass

Evening Eating Breakthrough

You’ll Learn:

  • How you were made to trust your body
  • Feel PROUD of your food choices, without tracking macros
  • Feel in control, without swearing off treats forever

Meet Your Host

I’m Tamara, a dietitian and certified Intuitive Eating counsellor.

I know what it feels like to feel totally out of control and have the joy sucked out of eating. I was a dietitian – how was I supposed to help others eat healthy if I couldn’t figure it out myself? I had ALL the nutrition knowledge.

It wasn’t until I realized that it was my relationship with food and my body that needed attention that things started to change for me. 

Now, it is my mission is to empower you with tools so that you can feel in control around all food (yes even the Mike and Ikes) so that you can live your most joyful life. 

And maybe you’ve even tried these things too: 

  • “Just keep the oreos in a hard to reach place”
  • “Portion out your chips into a small bowl so you don’t eat to many”
  • “Keep the tempting foods out of the house”
  • “When you crave Ben and Jerry’s, just have a piece of fruit instead”
  • “You’re probably not hungry -just have a sip of water”

All of this advice left me feeling like there was something wrong with me because it didn’t last. 

It wasn’t until I discovered that it wasn’t me or the food that was the problem – it was that I didn’t understand or trust what my body was trying to tell me. 

It took me years (even as a dietitian) to rediscover the wisdom that my body had and to make eating FUN again. 

But I want to help you shortcut this journey. 

That is exactly why I created this FREE Masterclass. 

There is a way that you can enjoy the Sour Mike and Ikes AND feel in control 

This masterclass will help you through the summer and beyond!